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The library was established in the year 1999 with the mission to facilitate convenient and user friendly access to current, and relevant information by identifying, acquiring, organizing and retrieving information in various formats (print & non print) to serve the information needs of the academic fraternity of BIITM to meet their teaching, research, training and learning requirements.


  • Mr.Birakishore Sethi (Librarian)
  • Rupashree Dhar (Assistant Librarian)
  • Mr. Babula Das (Messenger)


Library Sections Library Hours
Circulation Section 9.30 A.M to 7.00.P.M
Text Book & Reference Section 9.30 A.M to 7.00.P.M
E-Library Services 9.30 A.M to 7.00.P.M
Periodical & Newspaper 9.30 A.M to 7.00.P.M


Sl. No Description No of Books Period of Loan
1 Professor, Associate Professor, Asst. Professor 20 6 MONTH
2 Students MBA & IMBA 10 Completion of the semester
3 Administrative & Supporting staff 2 1 MONTH
4 Guest Faculties 3 7 days


    • 1.2.1 Signatures of students are mandatory in the Library Attendance Register while entering to the library, failing which service may not be provided.
    • 1.2.2 Students should maintain silence in the library premises.
    • 1.2.3 Smoking and spitting are strictly prohibited.
    • 1.2.4 No student shall sleep in the library premises.
    • 1.2.5 No one shall write anything in the book or make any mark upon any Book, damage Books, Manuscripts, Periodicals, Journals, Wall surfaces, Tables etc. which belong to the library.
    • 1.2.6 A student shall be responsible for any damage done by him/her to the books or any other property of the library and the cost of damage will be recovered from him/her.
    • 1.2.7 Use of Mobile phones and Audio devices with or without headphone is strictly prohibited inside the library.
    • 1.2.8 Books or any other reading material shouldn’t be taken out of the library without permission of the Librarian/Asst. Librarian.
    • 1.2.9 Before leaving the library, each person shall return the study materials taken for reference/reading.
    • 1.2.10 No student will be allowed to sit in the library or meet the teachers in the library during class hours.
    • 1.2.11 Refreshment of any kind shall not be taken anywhere in the library premises.
    • 1.2.12 During the access of e-journals and e-books the students are advised to handle the computer carefully. In case, any damage or misuse is found, the institute will recover the cost of damage.
    • 2.1 Library cards will be issued to the students. These library cards will be valid for duration of course.
    • 2.2 Books or documents will be issued to a borrower only against the library card.
    • 2.3 Loss of library card: In case the library card is lost by a member, a written report is to be made to the Librarian along with a receipt for Rs.100/- deposited in Accounts Section for issue of a duplicate library card.
    • 3.1 A Student can borrow 80% subject books per Semester and rest of the books can be borrowed from "Book Bank". He/she will return the books within two weeks of completion of the Semester examinations. If books are not returned, the borrower will pay overdue charge as per clause 3. 8.
    • 3.2 Each Student is also allowed to borrow one additional book on one of his/her subjects for a period of two week. Borrower has to return the book within two weeks otherwise overdue charge will be imposed as per clause 3.8.
    • 3.3 A Student can borrow books from Book Bank on payment of Rs. 25/- for each book for a semester. He/she will return the books within two weeks of completion of the Semester examinations. If books are not returned, the borrower will pay overdue charge as per clause 3. 8.
    • Faculty
    • 3.4 A Faculty can borrow 20 no. of subject books as well as general as per his/her needs per semester and he/she will return the books within two weeks of completion of the semesters. If books are not returned, the borrower will pay overdue charge as per clause 3. 8.
    • Guest Faculty
    • 3.5 A guest faculty can borrow 3 subject books, and he/she will return the books within one week of completion his/her courses. Principal and Dean I-MBA shall communicate to the library in respect of MBA and I-MBA course completion by the guest faculties, so, that the library shall follow up with the guest faculties to return the books. Their remuneration may be released on issue of clearance certificate from library and the library will inform the accounts section accordingly.
    • 3. 6 A Staff can borrow one book for a period of 30 days. If books are not returned, the borrower will pay overdue charge as per clause 3.8.
    • 3. 7 Reference books cannot be issued to the students to take out of the library. But they can read these inside the library against their library card and these books are to be returned by the students before leaving the library.
    • 3. 8- FINE :If a book is not returned on the due date, the borrower will have to pay an overdue charge at the rate of Rs 2/- per day for the first seven days and thereafter Rs 5/- per day. The overdue charges will be collected at the time of returning the book.
    • 3. 9 Before leaving the counter, the borrower should check the condition of books or reading materials issued to him and inform the Librarian / Asst. Librarian. Otherwise the borrower will replace the book or reading material. He/she should pay double the cost of the books or reading material, if the book or reading material is returned with mutilations or pages missing.
    • 3. 10 In case, one of the books in a set is lost or damaged by a user, he/she shall replace the total set of books or shall pay double the cost of set of books and if he/she wants after replacement can collect remaining set of books for which he/she has paid.
    • 3. 11 No books will be issued for Back paper examinations to students who have completed the course.
    • 3. 12 In case a faculty member wants a book inside the class room, the concerned faculty member should issue that book from the library and the said book cannot be issue to the students.
    • 3.13 No instructions by the faculty members to the library for issue of books or any other reading materials over phone will be entertained.


Sl.No Book Title Author Publisher Qty
1 Operations Research Kantiwarup,Gupta,P.K. Man Mohan New Delhi, Sultan Chand 21
2 The Girl in Room 105 Bhagat, Chetan New Delhi, Westland 1
3 Stories We Never Tell Sharma,Savi New Delhi, Westland 1
4 The Namesake Lahiri, Jhumpa London 4th Estate 1
5 The Power of Habit: Why We do What We do and How to Change Duhigg, Charles London Rondo House 1
6 The Everyday Hero Manifesto Sharma, Robin Jaico Publishing House 1
7 Microeconomic: Theory and Applications Dwivedi, D.N. New Delhi, Vikash 1
8 Microeconomics Pindyck,Robert S.Rubinfield,D.L. New Delhi, Pearson 1
9 Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner Singhania,Vinod K. New Delhi, Taxman 1


  • Circulation
  • Automation
  • Current Awareness Services
  • Information Alert Services
  • Offline Services & Online Services
  • User-Awareness Programs
  • Reprographic Services


Library resources are those materials which both are print and non-print materials found in libraries .Print items include books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, Non- print include microfilm, disc filmstrips, slides, prints, audiotapes, videotapes, compact discs, and computer software.


The library has successfully built up a comprehensive collection of over 17693 books covering different branches of Management and related areas .Besides, there are also books on leadership, biography, Self-development and inspirational .


The library subscribes 29 no.of print national and international journals specific to the subjects and research needs of the academic community of the institute, regarding non print books and journals, institute has regularly subscribe proquest e book central (business and economics) and Jgate social science and humanities e journal.


The library subscribes 10 magazines, 10 newspapers and also Employment news according to the needs of the students and academic community.


The library also has collection of some personal development, spiritual books and project reports for benefit of the users.