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In order to create awareness among the students of BIITM about finance management in general and stock market in particular, a webinar on the theme “Financial Literacy” was organised by BIITM on 6th May at 4:30pm in association with “SV Wealth Partners”. Mr. Shamsher Singh who was the speaker provided clarity on the differences between primary market and secondary market.Read More
To overcome the stress and anxiety caused during regular and competitive exams, an interactive webinar on Manage Exam Stress was organized on 27th April 2021 by BIITM, for senior secondary students. The objective of the webinar was to share with students’ pertinent tools to overcome stress and excel in their preparations for the D Day. Prof. (Dr.) Bonita Mitra conducted the webinar while addressing the students, Dr. Mitra clarified that anxiety is a normal facet of human nature, but it is important to know how to overcome it.Read More


In an era of interconnected global space, you need an international viewpoint to secure a competitive advantage. At BIITM, you learn from a team of faculty who are intensely engaged in bridging the theories of classroom lessons with contemporary practices of industries. Campus life includes a lush green, serene atmosphere and state-of-the-art infra carefully crafted to encourage development of managerial mindset. Lectures, communication labs, business simulations, surprise quizzes, presentations, project analysis and brainstorming sessions foster collaboration among students and transform them into industry-ready professionals. The entire academic experience is based on a fun-filled and life-changing learning curve.

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Prof. (Dr.) Pratap Kumar Tripathy Principal
Prof. (Er.) Pratap Rudra Pattanayak Advisor (Academics)
Prof. (Dr.) Mihir Ranjan Nayak Prof. (HR)-cum-Dean
Prof (Dr.) Bijoy Kumar Bal Professor (Communication English)
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Achievements & Accolades

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