About Our Alumni

Welcome back to BIITM Alumina Network: A Lifelong Connection

The enduring association with our alumni is a great part of what makes us a top-ranked business school. The Alumni Network ensures a lifetime connection by keeping you in touch with fellow alumni and the institute. If you're changing jobs, hiring employees or seeking greater business knowledge, you can depend on the Alumni Network to assist you.

Thus, the mission of BIITM Alumni Association is to act as primary interface between the Institute and the alumni with the following objectives:

  • To enroll students on the database.
  • To authorize alumni access to campus.
  • To facilitate student mentoring by alumni.
  • To promote interactions between faculty members and the alumni.
  • To promote campus visits by alumni.
  • To promote research & consultancy relationships between faculty & alumni.
  • To support networking activities, and events such as Reunions, Alumni lectures, Annual Meets, etc.
  • To encourage alumni communications.
  • To publish quarterly e-newsletters.
  • To facilitate on-campus placement.

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