Director's Message

Executive Director's Message

Pratap Kumar Balabantray

There are big challenges in today's cut-throat job market and we have to make sure that you are all set for them.

The discipline of Business Administration is undergoing a drastic revolution. The role of the modern managers go beyond the traditional functions like controlling people, enforcing rules, designing a top-down hierarchy to direct people, and achieving bottom-line results. The emerging management paradigm focuses on leadership, Harnessing people's creativity and enthusiasm, Finding shared visions and values, and Sharing information and power. That is what the new age students look for and that is why they come to BIITM.

Apart from the excellent infrastructure, a team of dedicated faculty and innovative teaching methods are fundamental features of BIITM. When it comes to earning rewarding jobs, at BIITM we create the best bunch of talents and skills that the business world demands. We visualize and continuously scan the market environment to include new business houses into placement alliance to provide our students a plethora of opportunities.

A unique blend of quality teaching, career building opportunities, congenial environment and courses offered beyond the university curriculum are attractions for the students that are vital for potential managers in a competitive and dynamic world. For aspirants who wish to rise in the corporate scene, BIITM is the ideal option.

Pratap Kumar Balabantray
Executive Director