Alumni Message

Message from Chief Patron

Congratulations, and welcome to the BIITM Alumni Association!

The BIITM Alumni Association will work to create an enduring relationship with every alumnus in order to advance the mission of the Institute. It is for this reason that the association seeks to form chapters in order to foster continuing lifelong links between the institute and its alumni and among the alumni themselves.

Alumni chapters will offer an opportunity to remain connected to the institute by providing an invaluable link with other alumni in their area, and assist alumni in maintaining relationships with friends and supporters. We value alumni chapters as an essential part of the alumni effort and a crucial factor for maintaining ties with our alumni in India and abroad. We will soon roll out elaborate plans towards overhauling the BIITM alumni association in order to make it a top notch association that meets the needs of its members, the Institute, and the larger society.

We also look forward to your feedback and suggestions on the BIITM website to carry forward this initiative.

We will appreciate your cooperation in these efforts.

Thank you!

Pratap Kumar Balabantray
Executive Director