Vipanan Rananiti

Vipanan Rananiti


To make the Marketing Club the most valuable resource for students of BIITM interested in Marketing through collaboration of Faculty Members, Brand Practitioners, Career Services providers and other entities with the outside world.

Focus Area

As a club, this brings together some of the brightest minds in Advertising, Marketing & Sales area interested in sharing and exploring the ever changing dynamics of marketing. The club aims at keeping members abreast with the latest on marketing while integrating the vast experience of its members across functions and industries such as advertising, research, sales, branding communication and digital marketing to name a few.

BIITM firmly believes that a sound business education is an ideal mix of a world class curriculum and practical learning opportunities.

Event Components

The Marketing Club organizes Speaker Sessions, Alumni Interactions, Workshops and Seminars to provide industry and functional exposure to students. The club aims to create a learning environment and enhance the skill sets of the students in the area of their interest.

As Marketing is the umbilical connection between customer needs and creative solutions. This Club provides information and experiences that increases awareness about the marketing function and informs students about the varied and exciting career opportunities available in the Marketing field.

A variety of events such as Ad Contests, Brand Equity Quizzes and Brand Crosswords, it promotes student’s interest in the field of marketing. It also organizes workshops on Strategic Selling, Market Forecasting, Market Research and Advertising, conducted by industry professionals in order to give students an insight into the exciting and dynamic world of marketing.

  1. Speaker Series: A series of sessions every year wherein the best brains in the marketing community give insights into the industry by sharing their first hand experiences
  2. The Brand Challenge: This event primarily introduces new students (fresher’s) to the world of Brands.
  3. Quizzes: The Club conducts marketing quizzes at regular intervals to satiate the appetite of passionate quizzers from amongst the BIITM students.
  4. Ad-Contest: Ad Mad show, writing creative briefs, designing posters or composing an Ad jingles contests are held to let the students showcase their talent in the creative end of marketing.
  5. Case contest: This event gives an opportunity to apply the marketing learning and experience to real life situations and Marketing Cases where students adopt a problem solving approach.
  6. Ad-Analysis: The Marketing Club creates a forum to analyze the latest advertisements in television from leading companies to get an eye on positioning, targeting, communications and strategy.
  7. Workshops: This is for those who are determined to learn more in the areas of interest like advertising, selling, brands, retailing etc. workshops are organized by taking help from experts in the field.
  8. Panel Discussions: Discussions on any topic ranging from “Branding in Bollywood movies” or “Marketing through Sports” for those with an inherent interest in marketing to share their knowledge with like-minded people from within the campus.
  9. Sell-O-Mania: This activity includes student involvement in selling activity of various products prepared by them with a contributory pool-fund created by the students.
  10. Publications: The club brings out a bi-monthly magazine that updates enthusiasts about happenings within the Indian marketing context.