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BIITM feels privileged to launch its 2nd episode of annual B-Fest BIITMFEST - 2018 on 16.02.2018. The Fest will be continued for two days with many Competitions and Programmes. This year the theme for the fest is “Learn to Succeed”. Our students’ participants need to learn how to conquer each problem they are facing with the firth acumen. They need to understand the intricacies coming in the way and ultimately break open the shackles that held them till now.

With this central theme BIITMFEST – 2018 hope to witness active participations of students from various B-schools across the state in various competitions. There will be Prizes certificates and surprise gifts and we hope, teams from various Institutions will battle for Pride, Prestige and Prize. We assure all participating terms that incredible hospitalities will be extended to the visiting teams by our student volunteers.

General Rules:

1. A student cannot participate in more than 4 events.
2. There is no limit on numbers of team from an Institution.
3. Decision made by judges and Organizing Committee is final.
4. Evaluation procedure and rules for competitions will be updated in the College Website from time to time.

Event details:

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Participants Name
College Name
Mobile Number
Email Address
Avinab Udyoga
Antima Awhana
(Ultimate CEO)
Vinivesh Vikalpa
(Stock option Game)
Prasna Kuhelika
(Business Quiz)
Vipanan Parichaya
(Brand Jingle)
Chintita Avibyakti
Mukha Alekha
(Face painting)
Prati Prahar
Nrutya Tarang
Roop Darpana
(Ramp Show)
Dhwani Sangram
(War of DJ)